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Chester Nez and the Unbreakable Code

This tale of a real-life Code Talker humanizes the main character by giving readers the whole picture of his connectedness to home and family, which is reinforced in Amini-Holmes’ textured paintings, which resonate on an almost ethereal level.  —Kirkus Reviews

Chester Nez and the Unbreakable Code

"Bruchac movingly draws a parallel between the trauma of indigenous boarding schools and war. Amini-Holmes’s paintings capture the nightmarish atmosphere of both." —Publishers Weekly

Fatty Legs: A True Story

“The beautiful design includes thumbnails of these pictures at the appropriate places in the text and Amini-Holmes’ slightly surreal paintings, which capture the alien flavor of these schools for their students.”l.  —Kirkus Reviews

A Stranger At Home

“At first, her mother doesn't even recognize her: “Not my girl,” she says. Amini-Holmes illustrates this scene and others with full-page paintings in somber colors. The sad faces echo the child's misery.”.  —Kirkus Reviews


Piper Rose’s red coat and windblown, vibrantly striped scarf are an immediate draw in each of Amini-Holmes’s illustrations. The snowy scenes exude a quiet, wintry peacefulness..  —Kirkus Reviews

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